Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Definitely Schragged" by Lionel Lodge (Acoustic Rock Musician from Austria)

"Definitely Schragged" by singer/songwriter Lionel Lodge is an acoustic CD that stands in a class by itself. A masterpiece is made when the right conditions, the right musicians, and the right music converge. In this case the right place is the infamous "Cafe Schrag" in Vienna; The performers are musicians who enjoyed making music at the Schrag; And the music is Lionel's unique brand of acoustic folk eclecticism. The result is music that is real, authentic, and organic. The listener is invited to join the ambiance at the Schrag! The performances are all memorable and unique with contributions from a tuba, a violin, accordions, harmonicas, and various percussion instruments. This is real talent that does not need to be disguised! Our favorite track is "The Greatest Thrill of All," which features an exquisite guitar/accordion accompaniment. This CD captures the essence of friends creating music together and invites the listener to become a part of the experience. This CD is a classic for your collection!
-Jean W. for RadioIndy