Thursday, June 28, 2007

"O.K. Pewton" by Mabon (Celtic Artist from South Wales)

The Cd entitled "O.K. Pewton" by Mabon is of a Celtic nature flavored with strong modern musical influences. It's made up of European Classical and traditional sounds brought to the audience in a tasteful and creative way. These highly musical artistic expressions from the mother land are skillfully done with passion and a spirit of improvisation. In their thoughtful endeavor to create melodies which retain its traditional cultural identities, Mabon came up with a unique musical identity; An undeniable and commendable demonstration of musical creativity. The blend of instruments achieve a remarkable level of harmony. And the quality of recording is quite impressive. They all lend credence to the artists' musicianship. The title"Schindig" has a sensational start with a pop influence and noticeable Irish and Welsh musical characters. The accordion work on this track is spectacular and the mandoline powerful enough to create a culturally festive mood. The Irish identity in the track "File under Briddley," is rightly preserved by the impressive accordion work. The blues and folk influences and the styles with which they are coined and blended in "Set of no names" and in " A Hungarian in Brittany" are quite impressive works of art. If you enjoy real Celtic melodies with contemporary musical influences, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today.
-Charles N. and RadioIndy