Monday, April 9, 2012

The Calm That Never Came EP

Discover the musical talents of the band, The Mighty Pirate, and their excellent acoustic Rock album, "The Calm That Never Came EP." This group has comprised an album with songs that offer poetic lyrics and wonderful melodies. The opening track, "The Ravine," reels you in with its sweet and charming vocals that swirl around the warm and inviting acoustic guitar. This song captures a relaxed ambiance and has a nice melodic appeal. Another song, "Taking A Drive," is slightly edgier as you will hear bouncy rhythmic beats, buzzing guitars, and strong and solid vocals. "Animosity (Bonus Track)" and Novocaine (Bonus Track)" are intoxicating songs that groove with an easy flowing vibe that impresses with an interesting and harmonious style.  Fans of acoustic Rock music will really enjoy the delectable songs on the superb CD, "The Calm That Never Came EP."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Big Fight

Singer/songwriter, Steve Adams, dishes out a beautiful blend of excellent Folk songs on his latest album, "The Big Fight." Adams is a one man band on this album and his talents shine from his song writing abilities to his performances on the various instruments. He is a very insightful person as his lyrics reflect his mood and range from thought provoking to humorous. There is also a nice variety of musical genres as you will hear some Blues on the songs, "Millennium Bug Blues" and Global Village Idiot. The title track, "The Big Fight," draws you in with its fun and lively lyrics that mingle with the upbeat rhythm. Ending up the album the song, "Cannabis Triffidus," once again has those rootsy and melodic lyrics that charms you with Adams soulful voice and acoustic guitar. If you are a fan of Bob Dylan then you will really appreciate the delectable songs on the terrific CD, "The Big Fight,"

Experimental Misfits

The talented group, Jyra, releases another impressive Rock/Electronic CD, "Experimental Misfits." This album reaches well beyond its psychedelic roots as there is an abundance of stirring lyrics and mysterious sounding melodies. The song, "The better in me," offers charming vocals that are complemented by the velvety rhythm of the acoustic guitar. "Here they come," is a song that features industrial like pulses and an ambient soundscape. The synth sounds swirl around the thudding drum beats and crunchy guitar with a dark edgy tonality. "Innocent Lover," is a magnetic song with a crisp piano and stunning strings that accompanying the charming vocals with a passionate style. If you like Radiohead or Pink Floyd, then you are in for a special treat when you hear the outstanding CD, "Experimental Misfits."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Nth Laborer" by Andy Jaske (Pop Artist)

Talented artist, Andy Jaske, releases a superb Country Folk/Pop single, "The Nth Laborer." This irresistible song contains some thought provoking lyrics that is sung with a sweet and charming style. One can feel the emotive tonality which Jaske projects with a strong and graceful ease. His natural sounding voice cascades around a free flowing bouncy rhythm. The instrumentation is solid and has a nice dynamic balance. The touching lyrics are straight from the heart and weave a tale of life's ups and downs. You will want to hear more from this talented artist after listening to this song. If you are a fan of great musicians such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, or Van Morrison then you will really enjoy the excellent Country Folk/Pop single, "The Nth Laborer."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Story So Far, The" by Earsauce (Accoustic Artist)

The excellent Folk CD, "Story So Far, The," by Earsauce, is overflowing with beautiful songs that will seep gently into your soul. The talented duo, Evan Valentine and Steve Bower, really know how to comprise an album of well crafted music. Each song has a different groove and one can't help but sit back and enjoy these delight songs. Opening up the album the song, "Beyond a Broken Dream," is sweet and delicate in style as the percussive drums keep a rhythmic beat while the soothing melody calms your inner being. Another song, "Sultans of Salad," offers charming lyrics, sweet vocals, and a fun bouncy rhythm. "Criterion," is another track that ignites with a rich musical complexity. Changing up the musical style, "Where's My Lime?," has a mellow, kick back and relax tonality. If you are searching for an album that has a terrific mix of relaxing music, then you will truly enjoy the wonderful songs on the marvelous album, "Story So Far, The."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

"El paso del tiempo - [Digital Single]" by Brand New Brain (Accoustic Artist from U.S.A)

Brand New Brain releases an excellent Acoustic Rock song, "El paso del tiempo-Single." This song marks a time when the band was in disarray so an acoustic version was created. The song title, translated, means the passage of time, is sung with strong lead vocals that deftly sing the emotive lyrics with appealing style. This song, which is sung in Spanish, has an edgy Rock flair that is similar to bands such as Alice In Chains or Pearl Jam. The relaxed acoustic instrumentation complements the expressive lyrics with a free flowing rhythm. It also shows the talent these musicians have to offer as they take a song and give it a fresh, new stylish approach. If you like smooth Acoustic Rock music, then you will enjoy the terrific song, "El paso del tiempo-Single."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Begin 2" by Mike Roos & The Dry Bed String Band (Acoustic Artist from Ohio)

The talented group, Mike Roos & The Dry Bed String Band, release another excellent Folk/Rock CD, "Begin 2." This album is comprised of well written songs that explore into some themes of major events while also looking into spiritual and thoughtful matters. You will also like the assortment of instrumentation this album has to offer such as guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and dobro. The song, "New Orleans," catches your ear with its bouncy beat and fun lyrics that are sung with strong tonality. "New Orleans," has a nice bluesy feel and another song with thought provoking lyrics. There is Country flair on the song, "I Like the Buddha," as this song has those fun loving lyrics and vibrant rhythm. You will find the terrific Folk/Rock album, "Begin 2," a collection of music embedded with charming lyrics, charismatic vocals, and a fine cast of musicians.

- Diane and the Reviewer Team
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