Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Not ALone" by Judas Feet (folk artist from Texas)

"Not Alone" is definitely an uplifting collection of new music from Judas Feet. Like an overflowing of fantastic poetry, the sounds of Judas Feet overflow the senses. Instrumentally this trio deserves an A+, for they are talented way beyond their years. Vocally the CD features a nice blend of sibling harmonies and terrific female and male lead vocals. "Song of Relief" comes across with excellent acoustic guitar and superb vocal presentation featuring a memorable chorus with beautiful 2-part harmonies. Terrific soulful harmonica intro sets the tone for "This Is For You", as the story unfolds to a heart-wrenching ballad of desperation as melancholy love is explored. Of the fourteen generous tracks on this debut CD from Judas Feet, our pick is the smooth and sensuous "The Marriage Song," which is filled with God's Grace. Rush to pick up this CD, as you will be blessed to hear these songs over and over.
-Terri D. and RadioIndy
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