Monday, June 4, 2007

"Unveiled" by Jean Watson (Christian/folk artist from Lawton, Michigan (MI))

"Unveiled" by Jean Watson, is a CD that has a cleansing and healing effect. This effect is the result of Jean's beautiful flowing voice backed by impressive arrangements and excellent recording quality. There's a noticeable mix of electric, classical, folk and pop influences on the CD. With neatly welded musical instruments, and its appropriate vocal match, the CD puts at the disposition of the listener a distinct spiritual source of relaxation, a sense of liberation and internal freedom. The passion of God uniquely articulated via the lyrical compositions of this album, suggests that Jean has an ardent love for God and the talent and compassion to communicate His love. It ministered to us as we listened to the title "Nearer my God" over and over again. This number, which has a classical feel, sung with perfect vocal pitch and accompanied by a skillfull play of piano, truly takes the listener many steps closer to God. Wow! the title "Come Holy Spirit," has a beautiful display of violin, woven into its appealing lyrics, and attests to Jean's talent and spiritual side. It helps prepare one's heart for the Spirit of God. If you enjoy comtemporary Christian melody that touches the soul, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!
-Charles N. and RadioIndy
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