Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Confront the Congregation" by Louis Matteo (adult rock/ folk rock artist from Stow, Ohio (OH))

 "Confront The Congregation" by Louis Matteo is a refreshing collection of rock/pop songs. Every song on this EP album demonstrates excellent song craftsmanship, both lyrically and musically. Moreover, this collection carries an unusual amount of musical diversity and creativity, from driving electric guitars to soothing violin symphonies. The production of 'Confront The Congregation' is brilliant, allowing Louis' passion-filled voice to take the main-stage. Heart-felt lyrics and emotion-evoking melodies complete this package. 'Confront the Congregation' by Louis Matteo is a collection that lovers of passion-filled, melodic rock will absolutely love!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
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