Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Old Lonesome Sounds" by The Ball Sisters Band (Bluegrass Band from Tennessee (TN))

"Old Lonesome Sounds" by The Ball Sisters Band is a soothing collection of classic bluegrass tunes. With the addition of five original songs, this albums displays the ability of The Ball Sisters Band to both skillfully cover classics and create their own memorable compositions. Amazing instrumentation is undeniable on this record, as the peaceful sounds of the violin and acoustic guitar gracefully complete songs like "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz" and "A Daddy's Love." Another strong element of "Old Lonesome Sounds" is the passionate vocals that are sure to stir up deep emotions. Furthermore, the production of this record finds the perfect balance between instruments and voices, allowing both the leading musical riffs and melodies to share the center-stage. All in all, this collection is sure to impress lovers of bluegrass music.
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy