Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Tardis Heart" by Alex Valentine (Acoustic Artist from UK)

Alex Valentine's latest release, "Tardis Heart," is an extremely compelling acoustic collection! Perhaps the greatest accomplishments of this album are its purity and simplicity. Not encumbered by heavy production, these songs ring with the allure of warmth and sincerity. Moreover, this allows Alex's welcoming vocals to connect with listeners on a personal level. His vocal quality is pure, eloquent, and smooth. The title-track and "Butterfly" leave a lasting impression with their graceful acoustic arrangements and passionate melodies. "45 Celsius" is absolutely stunning! This heart-wrenching tune features a beautiful female harmony and lovely cellos. What's more, Alex has a keen sense for crafting flowing poetic lyrics of love and heartbreak, joy and sadness. "Tardis Heart" is one album that followers of modern acoustic/folk music should add to the top of their to-buy lists!
-Xavier P. and

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