Friday, October 26, 2007

"Important" by Michael Stevens (Acosutic artist from York Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA))

"Important" by Michael Stevens is a soul-enlightening collection of acoustic tunes. In this pacifying collection, Michael makes meaningful lyrics through introspection, social statements, faith, love, and philosophy. His mid-tempo, acoustic-driven songs are soul-stirring and meet listeners on a very personal level. Moreover, Michael's unique, calm and passionate vocal tone adds to the serenity of these tunes. "Can't Wait No More" and "Awake Again" both stand out as musically and melodically catchy. Consistently, Michael delivers thought-provoking and emotion-invoking songs on "Important". Stripped down production makes this CD all the more personal. Fans of James Taylor and Neil Young will enjoy this new CD!
-Xavier P. and

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