Friday, October 12, 2007

"Scrapbook" by Mark Wayne Glasmire (Modern Folk artist from Dallas, Texas (TX))

Mark Wayne Glasmire's latest acoustic release, entitled "Scrapbook," delivers song after song of pure ear-candy for fans of modern folk music! Mark's vocals on the CD are pitch perfect and soothing, and are filled out with tasteful harmonies. Layers of flowing acoustic guitars and light percussion, embellished with enticing violin arrangements, come together to create a heavily appealing musical foundation. Perhaps even more enticing is Mark's very memorable songwriting, especially his comforting melodies. The title-track and "Fighters and Survivors" stand out as the perfect embodiment of the many great qualities of this CD. From time to time, Mark ventures into songs bearing rock influences (like "A Not I Can't Undo") and songs steering more toward the folk arena (such as "Leave the Past Behind"). Furthermore, Mark has quite a way with words. His lyrics are compelling, insightful, heart-felt, and optimistic. Package all these amazing qualities along with great production and you get a CD worth buying! Fans of James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett should definitely give "Scrapbook" an attentive listen!
-Xavier P. and

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