Monday, October 8, 2007

"Absolute Notions" by Morri Namaste (Acoustic artist from Denver, Colorado (CO))

The latest release by Morri Namaste, "Absolute Notions," stands out as an excellent acoustic CD with very profound, philosophical lyrics. Morri's relaxed vocal finds a great home in the serene acoustic guitar arrangements. "Children of the Light" is a heart-tugger with its inspirational lyrics and use of a child chorus. "Situation Mania" assumes an edgier sound, with an electronica-influenced electric guitar backdrop. What's more, "The Gates Came Down" ventures into the appealing sounds of adult rock and flaunts a very catchy chorus. Consistency is this album's appeal – consistently great vocals, melodies, and instrumentation. All these qualities, mixed with quality production, makes "Absolute Notions" an absolute must-hear! Fans modern folk will find inspiration in this brilliant collection!
-Xavier P. and

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