Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Salt Water" by Pat Killian (Acoustic/Easy-Listening artist from Long Island, New York (NY))

Pat Killian's "Salt Water" is an engaging eclectic collection of adult contemporary, acoustic, blues, and jazz tunes. Well-written, soul-searching lyrics grip listeners with a tight grasp. Pat opens the pages of his life for all to read on the compelling blues track entitled "Daddy's Blues." "Better Life" is another example of this CD's honest, heart-felt lyrics, tackling the internal struggle of making sense of the loss of loved ones. Comforting acoustic guitar arrangements accentuated by skillfully placed piano and light percussion give these songs a sound that is purely addictive. What's more, Pat's voice rings with a deep sense of serenity, emphasized by his smooth, emotional tone mixed with a delightful dose of oldies-vibe. Wrapping up this package is production that strikes an excellent balance between instrumentation and vocals. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot will accept Pat Killian with open arms!
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

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