Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Good Company" by SyndiLee (Pop/Folk artist from Washington (WA))

"Good Company" is the acoustic folk rock debut from talented female singer/songwriter SyndiLee. SyndiLee is a passionate vocalist that puts everything into each and every word she sings. Her vocals are very good too, with a good mix of strength and beauty reminiscent of female singer/songwriter predecessors Melissa Etheridge and KT Tunstall. Her lyrics are poetic, intelligent, and socially conscious, and her great deliveries make it easy to sing along. The arrangements behind her vary both in style and in instrumentation but remain true to the pure, acoustic folk sound. "Good Company" has a great production quality that both accentuates the vocals and represents the accompaniment well. Highlights include the title track, "Good Company," with beautiful guitar progressions and an intimate, soulful vocal performance. "New Moon" brings a Celtic flair with the addition of flute and accordion adding a nice dimension to the sound. "Ghost" wraps things up nicely with touching lyrics and another fine vocal performance. Overall, "Good Company" is an impressive debut from SyndiLee that will please both sides of the brain. If you enjoy intelligent female singer/songwriters and acoustic folk rock, pick up this album.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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