Sunday, July 20, 2008

“All My Days” by Corinne Gooden (Folk Artist from Tennessee(TN))

"All My Days" is the impressive debut from folk singer/songwriter Corinne Gooden. Throughout the album, Gooden shows magnificent control of her voice and has an emotional inflection that heightens the personal sentiments in her writing. Her vocal performance is similar to contemporary female singer/songwriters like Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, and Bonnie Raitt. Gooden's lyrics are very personal and honest, and she sings them with such conviction and melody that the listener becomes hooked and must know what she'll sing about next. The musical arrangements are also quite good, highlighted by fantastic piano/organ progressions and beautiful acoustic guitar that skillfully back Gooden's vocal performance. The recording quality of "All My Days" is excellent, so the vocals and arrangements are clean and crisp, leaving nothing to be desired. The title track, "All My Days," is a slow, sad, and personal song with a piano and guitar accompaniment in which Gooden shows her tremendous vocal range. "Goodbye" is a more uptempo rock number about learning how to say goodbye to someone you don't necessarily want to ever say goodbye to. Overall, "All My Days" is a superb debut from a talented singer/songwriter that knows how to write her feelings down and vocalize them. Fans of good folk lyricists and female vocalists should check out this excellent CD.
-Chris and the Reviewer Team
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