Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Timelines & Tragedies" by Midwest Dilemma (Rock/Folk artist from Omaha, Nebraska (NE))

"Timelines & Tragedies" by Midwest Dilemma is an acoustic folk album that features strong songwriting and orchestral elements. This album has a great layering of sounds and fantastic arrangements, and the orchestral elements add such power that tugs right at your emotions. Along with the intriguing sound, you'll hear some great vocal performances and lyrics that are based on the many trials and tribulations of the ancestry of singer/songwriter Justin Lamoureux. Above all, there is an inexplicable power to "Timelines & Tragedies" that gives it such an epic quality. The recording quality is superior and will win the challenge against any medium. Highlights include "Fran├žoise," with a powerful arrangement that is well performed by the chamber orchestra. "The Great Depression" features great rhythms, wayward guitar, and more wonderful orchestral elements. The title track, "Timeline & Tragedies," is a beautiful duet and a great story. If you enjoy intelligent and cinematic folk music, give Midwest Dilemma a try.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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