Monday, July 28, 2008

"Howdy Folks! I'm Fuster Buskins" by Fuster Buskins (Country/Americana/Bluegrass artist from Georgia (GA))

"Howdy Folks! I'm Fuster Buskins" is a hilarious mountain music album from Fuster Buskins. Fuster is surely an entertainer, alternating his live performances between banjo-led hillbilly country songs and elaborate stories about his kinfolk and the seemingly few non-family members he has run across in the back country. His songs and stories are all very campy and over the top, but Fuster is a great character who keeps his bits fresh and hilarious, drawing from the classic country comedy style of the Grand Ole Opry. "Howdy Folks!" is comprised of live recordings and full of audience laughter and interaction, but it is of such quality that the listener doesn't miss a single joke. "Kiss 'N' Kussins" is a song about Fuster falling in love with his hillbilly first cousin and includes the hysterical chorus "Kiss 'n' kussins/That's all we'll ever be/Kiss 'n' kussins/My own kin rejects me." "The Song That Solves All the Problems of the World" gives Fuster's unique utopian vision of the world, as well as his fix-all: "We got to eat more possum." "Howdy Folks! I'm Fuster Buskins" is a hilarious album, an instant comedy classic that stays true to its comedy roots while simultaneously offering something fresh, unique, and entertaining. Fans of the Grand Ole Opry and campy hillbilly comedy should definitely give Fuster a try.
-Chris & the Reviewer Team
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