Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Solo Parts" by Chris Holiman (Folk Artist from Arizona(AZ))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Chris Holiman with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Solo Parts"

"Solo Parts" is an acoustic-driven folk rock album from talented singer/songwriter Chris Holiman. This album is filled with moody songs that reflect the time and place in which he wrote the songs – during a dreary European winter just after his father's death. Through great lyrical imagery and a sorrowful delivery reminiscent of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Holiman invokes his sadness with each note. Though the arrangements on "Solo Parts" mostly rely on Holiman's acoustic guitar performance, the album also features nice electric solos from Holiman, solid work from Tom Larkins on drums, and great cello and stand-up bass work from Calexico's Joey Burns . Together they have crafted twelve great folk rock tracks that do Holiman's lyrics justice. This album is well-produced and sounds professional and clean. "My Father's Son" is an acoustic tribute song that tells the sad tale of Holiman's strained relationship with his father, concluding, "Sometimes I try to hide it/But I can't deny/I'm my father's son." "Leaving Europe Today" is another sad acoustic track that features Joey Burns' haunting cello progressions in the background. Overall, "Solo Parts" is an impressive solo debut from a well-rounded musician. Fans of moody folk rock and great singer/songwriters, check out Chris Holiman.-Chris & the Review Team
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