Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Music Is Not a Museum" by Ben Plotnick (Folk Artist from Alberta, Canada)

"Music Is Not a Museum" is the latest effort from the extremely talented Canadian fiddler and songwriter Ben Plotnick. Plotnick has written an inventive and fresh collection of songs that features fiddle tunes that fit over the chord changes of modern indie rock styles, creating and pioneering a highly original sound all his own. His style fuses innovation and tradition, preserving the past while giving us a look into the future. Listen to his dancing, intricate fiddle work over the rock riffs of "You're the Only Cure" and "Take 3 (I Love You, Behbeh)," along with the hard-driving "Museum." Check out the more traditional vibe of "August," which features violin and acoustic guitar, and the jazz sensibility of "Emily's Waltz." His passion for writing music and his instrument are clearly evident, providing a spark in a genre that is seldom explored. Another highlight is "Macpherson's Lament," a melodic and tender ballad that includes many lyrical fiddle lines from Plotnick. "The Beginning" is a commanding rocker, whose working title was "The Beginning of the Indie-Rock-Fiddle-Revolution." Perhaps that is what Plotnick has created with "Music Is Not a Museum." This release by Ben Plotnick will be enjoyed by fans of many music genres, particularly those who enjoy multi-genre violinists such as Mark O' Conner.
-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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