Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Apollonia" by Johnny Fang and Chris Ahern (Folk Artist from Ireland)

Johnny Fang and Chris Ahern have released their first album together, "Apollonia," featuring the musical styles of acoustic contemporary folk and rock. This album is a collection of ideal mood music embedded with soothing and refined acoustic guitars. Infused with soft rock vocals, "Slowly" is steeped with smooth supporting harmonies and rhythmic percussion. Multi-layered harmonies highlight the chemistry between vocalists and are complimented with lively supporting instruments. Bouncy and displaying a top tapping beat is "Horace's Travels," which demonstrates the delectable sounds of the acoustic guitars and the versatility that this group has to offer. The production of this album captures the relaxing melodic vocals while maintaining the ambiance of the cohesive selection of well-written songs. "Apollonia" is well worth listening to, and fans of folk/rock will definitely enjoy this album.
-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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