Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Keep on Walking" by Bliss'n'Blue (Modern Folk band from Germany (DE))

"Keep on Walking" is an excellent modern folk CD. When you listen to this CD you will feel like you are in a pub listening to an extremely talented group of musicians having fun entertaining you. This reflects on the excellent production that allows the details of the instrumentation, songwriting, and vocals as well as the personality of the band to shine through. The band is very tight and musically impressive, creating a very pleasing sound mix of acoustic instruments. The songs are catchy and melodic yet unpredictably interesting. We love the guitar licks, melodic chorus, and overall toe-tapping groove of the title track and "The Beggar," two of our favorite tracks. The vocals on this CD have excellent pitch and a swagger, harmony, and raspiness that gives the "Saturday night at the pub" feel to the music. If you enjoy modern folk and/or spending a Saturday night at the pub having a good time listening to a talented band play acoustic instruments, you'll enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today! Staff
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