Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Set It Free" by Cindy Boehler Cindy Boehler (Bluegrass/Gospel Artist from Axtell, Nebraska (NE))

Wow! That's the word that comes to mind when you listen to "Set It Free" by Cindy Boehler. This mother of seven can sing! Her voice has a very smooth sound with great pitch that will remind you of Karen Carpenter. The CD also includes tremendous backing music by top musicians, including the Jordanaires! The musician's fly up the fretboard in You Gotta Know. One of our favorite tracks is One Step, with a memorable chorus and nice banjo and fiddle fills throughout. If you are a fan of talented mother's who put down their talents to take care of their families, or a fan of country or Americana music, you'll enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today! - Review by RadioIndy staff