Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Primitive Spirit" by The Primatives (Folk Rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA))

"Primitive Spirit" is a creative, organic folk rock CD by The Primatives. The tracks on the CD are very acoustic, spiritual and earthy. Various percussive instruments and flute fills are nicely used to add depth to the sound of the primarily clean guitar sound. The strength of the CD lies in the meaningful songwriting that is brought to life by this distinctive organic sound, combined with the tasteful yet complex 3-part harmonies. Track 6, called Pyare, has a typical sound of the CD, and is one of our favorite tracks because the harmonies and flute fills blend particularly well on this track. The guitar work throughout the CD is impressive, especially the acoustic guitar licks in Sorry. The CD breathes fresh life into a very 60s folk rock sound that will remind you of bands such as Crosby Stills Nash and Young and The Grateful Dead. If you enjoy folk rock, especially the legendary folk rock artists of the 60s, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!
 - Review by RadioIndy staff