Monday, April 9, 2012

The Calm That Never Came EP

Discover the musical talents of the band, The Mighty Pirate, and their excellent acoustic Rock album, "The Calm That Never Came EP." This group has comprised an album with songs that offer poetic lyrics and wonderful melodies. The opening track, "The Ravine," reels you in with its sweet and charming vocals that swirl around the warm and inviting acoustic guitar. This song captures a relaxed ambiance and has a nice melodic appeal. Another song, "Taking A Drive," is slightly edgier as you will hear bouncy rhythmic beats, buzzing guitars, and strong and solid vocals. "Animosity (Bonus Track)" and Novocaine (Bonus Track)" are intoxicating songs that groove with an easy flowing vibe that impresses with an interesting and harmonious style.  Fans of acoustic Rock music will really enjoy the delectable songs on the superb CD, "The Calm That Never Came EP."