Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Big Fight

Singer/songwriter, Steve Adams, dishes out a beautiful blend of excellent Folk songs on his latest album, "The Big Fight." Adams is a one man band on this album and his talents shine from his song writing abilities to his performances on the various instruments. He is a very insightful person as his lyrics reflect his mood and range from thought provoking to humorous. There is also a nice variety of musical genres as you will hear some Blues on the songs, "Millennium Bug Blues" and Global Village Idiot. The title track, "The Big Fight," draws you in with its fun and lively lyrics that mingle with the upbeat rhythm. Ending up the album the song, "Cannabis Triffidus," once again has those rootsy and melodic lyrics that charms you with Adams soulful voice and acoustic guitar. If you are a fan of Bob Dylan then you will really appreciate the delectable songs on the terrific CD, "The Big Fight,"