Sunday, March 18, 2012

Experimental Misfits

The talented group, Jyra, releases another impressive Rock/Electronic CD, "Experimental Misfits." This album reaches well beyond its psychedelic roots as there is an abundance of stirring lyrics and mysterious sounding melodies. The song, "The better in me," offers charming vocals that are complemented by the velvety rhythm of the acoustic guitar. "Here they come," is a song that features industrial like pulses and an ambient soundscape. The synth sounds swirl around the thudding drum beats and crunchy guitar with a dark edgy tonality. "Innocent Lover," is a magnetic song with a crisp piano and stunning strings that accompanying the charming vocals with a passionate style. If you like Radiohead or Pink Floyd, then you are in for a special treat when you hear the outstanding CD, "Experimental Misfits."