Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Life and Other Roses" by Calum MacDonald (Acoustic Artist from AUSTRALIA)

Calum MacDonald releases another wonderful album, "Life And Other Roses," which is comprised of sweet and soulful acoustic Alternative Folk music. The compelling songs on this CD reflects MacDonald's take on the adventures of life and love. His lyrics are insightful as he sings with a natural sounding tonality that will gently relax your heart and soul. The first track, "Coffee in Birmingham," engages the listener with the soft and soothing charms of MacDonald's voice and guitar. Another song, "Time Moves On," is a tender song about love as MacDonald works his magic with his voice and guitar. You will be captivated by the sincere emotions of the vocals on the song, "Words," as the guitar gently plays with warm and mellow chord progressions. If you're a fan of Bob Dylan or Neil Young then you will appreciate the excellent set of songs on the CD, "Life And Other Roses."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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