Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Acoustic Sessions DVD/CD" by Acoustic Sessions Trio (Acoustic Artist from Greece)

The magnificent album, "Acoustic Sessions DVD/CD," by the exceptionally talented group, "Acoustic Sessions Trio, will leave you breathless. This finely crafted Contemporary Jazz instrumental CD is comprised of great Jazz standards that are embedded with rich and elegant musical complexities. The caliber of this trio is one that is finely tuned and bursting with passionate and intoxicating qualities. Opening up the CD, "Blue Bossa," has an outstanding drum solo with the piano and bass kicking in with vibrant and dazzling energy. As an added treat, "Darn That Dream" and "Open Invitation" includes fabulous vocals that interweave with the flavorful piano, bass, and drums. "Autumn Leaves," has that smooth flowing vibe as the upright bass, crisp piano, and percussive drums deftly perform with an amazing groove. You will definitely want to add the brilliant Jazz compositions on the exquisite album, "Acoustic Sessions DVD/CD," to your musical collection as it is superb Jazz at its best.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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