Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Lucky Guy" by Roy Jay (Folk Artist from Florida(FL))

Who said you can't judge a book or CD by its cover? Roy Jay's debut album "Lucky Guy" embodies the relaxed beach tone feeling depicted in his cover artwork. There are twists on this traditional upbeat folk music throughout this disc with tracks like "In and Out of Dreams" where hand-percussion and acoustic guitar are complimented by harmonious background vocals with sing along style. Although mostly leaning towards lighter atmospheres, "Time's Page," takes a ballad approach where subtlety and style come into play nicely. The musicianship is sophisticated and mature, but Jay doesn't take himself too seriously during "Prettiest Girl in Wal-Mart" with a comical trip to the super-store. Get out your sun block as "Lucky Guy" is Americana wrapped up in a beach towel and ready to hit the sand.

-Max B. and the Reviewer Team
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