Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Another Way to Say Human Race" by Bold Monkey (Folk Artist from Alberta, Canada)

Bold Monkey's, "Another Way to Say Human Race," CD is a collection of contemporary folk songs from a singer-songwriter with a keen and well-honed sense of song craft and the voice to put them over. Employing only the sparest of guitar phrasing, Bold Monkey achieves a stripped-down, open mic coffeehouse intimacy to showcase compelling songs full of wry and incisive observations. Recalling the wordplay of an Elvis Costello or Joe Henry on songs such as "If You're Lucky" and "Enlightenment Is In Question," Bold Monkey's Dylan Joshua Edmiston successfully navigates the demands of the nowhere-to-hide song arrangements with a deft touch. On the Dylan-esquely titled, "Navigably Subsequent," comparisons to Costello is also deserved for the constricted and breathy vocal delivery that snakes in and out of light-as-air guitar fills and tastefully understated vibes accompaniment. While "Another Way to Say Human Race" is utterly contemporary in approach and sensibility, Bold Monkey's fine CD nevertheless resonates with the timelessness that true craftsmanship always renders.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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