Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"TWELVE SHADES OF NIGHT" by STEVAN PASERO (Classical Artist from California)

Guitar virtuoso, Stevan Pasero releases another outstanding album, "Twelve Shades of Night," that is overflowing with brilliant compositions of Classical, Jazz, Rhumba, Flamenco, and Bossa Nova music. Pasero engages the listener with his skillful precision on the guitar while also showing his versatility in the styles of music he plays. Opening up the album, "Rhumba Dee," has a charming groove, beautiful strings, and a vibrant beat. The song, "Soleares Enrique," moves with a sophisticated flair as Pasero performs with a strong and intense precision. His rendition of "Malaguena My Love" is energetic as he deftly brings life to this classic song. "Prayer" has a softer tonality and smooth rhythm that grooves with a sleek soulful style. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular collection of instrumental guitar music on the wonderful album, "Twelve Shades of Night."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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