Monday, November 29, 2010

"Didgeridoo Dance All Beauty!" by OLIVE TREE DANCE (World Artist from Portgul)

The latest released CD, "Didgeridoo Dance All Beauty!" by Olivetreedance is a brilliant collection of danceable World music. This album features ancient instruments such as the didgeridoo, krin, and djembé, creatively blended with superb drums. As you listen to this album the creativity of combining ancient instruments with modern day instruments impresses with its delightful sounds and rhythmical beats. The song, "Titará?!" is vibrant and filled with rich, musical tonality as the drums burst with tight precision to the melodic tones of the didgeridoo. Another track, "5 Fluxos," has an intoxicating rhythm, excellent percussive sounds, and a magical melody. "Om Carina," is bristling with energetic style as the sweet melody has an ambiance of a far away land. If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary and has a hue of energy, then the fantastic album, "Didgeridoo Dance All Beauty!" is just the type of music you need to hear.

- Diane and the Reviewer Team
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