Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"On The Levee Road" by The Delta Flyers (Acoustic/Blues Artist from Austin, Texas (TX))

"On The Levee Road" by The Delta Flyers is a pleasurable assembly of genuine acoustic blues tunes. The captivating, hook-laden musicianship and hearty vocal performances steal the show on this record. What's more, the prolific story-telling lyricism delivered by songwriter Stevie DuPree brings each of these tracks to life. The title track, "On The Levee Road," illuminates the controlled, passionate vocal performances that set this CD apart, while flaunting some nice harmonica solos. "Railroad Bill" assumes a more upbeat, energetic vibe, and exhibits a memorable chorus. Moreover, "Dancin' with the Devil" stands out as edgy and takes on a more electric sound. All in all, "On The Levee Road" is a delightful musical experience that will have any fan of blues wanting more.

-Xavier P. & The RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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