Friday, May 23, 2008

“The Best Years” by Bryan Gorsira (Soft Rock/Folk artist from Virginia (VA))

"The Best Years" by Bryan Gorsira is a contemporary, adult folk rock CD that is filled with a pleasant, gentle ambience and positive, loving messages about life and love. On "The Best Years" Bryan gives tribute to special relationships between those who choose to share a lifetime together. This album seems to have something for almost everyone. It has a mellow quality throughout but with a lot of variety. As a songwriter Bryan shines. He portrays the feelings of life in a way that gives each of us a peek into who we are and into our own life and experiences. Bryan's outstanding, relevant songwriring is nicely embodied in the talents of the excellent vocalists and musicians featured on the CD. "New World" celebrates love and romance and the joys of having a child. "Caught" features an especially noteworthy female vocal performance and a quite acoustic/piano arrangement that has a Kate Bush quality to it with a harmony-filled chorus. "Love is Pain" has a strong rock groove, effective male vocals, and cool harmonica riffs. If you enjoy adult contemproary/rock music that exudes family values and real-life experiences, you will enjoy this CD.
-Lea P. and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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