Sunday, September 12, 2010

"2007-2010" by Verne (Acoustic Artist from Spain)

The recently released album, "2007-2010," by musician Verne is a nice musical compilation of four demo's recorded between those years and features unique instrumentation and soothing vocals. The genre of this CD is Folk but at times it seems almost Avant Garde as each track is melodic while incorporating distinctive instruments such as ukulele and theremin. Verne lets his imagination run wild on this album as each song is inventive and musically artistic. The song, "Juanola," moves with mysterious tonality as the sound textures of the instruments keep a smooth steady beat. You'll feel like your on some magical journey on the song, "Continental," as the guitar grooves a rootsy melody with fascinating style. "Pequeño Y Lolita," is layered with sounds and textures that are dreamlike and at times almost eerie. For those who like music that is original, creative, and interesting, then "2007-2010," would be an album to kick back and enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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