Monday, February 1, 2010

"Patiently" by Jason Dolan (Folk Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

The entertaining debut CD released from talented artist Jason Dolan is titled "Patiently." In it Dolan has created a collection of Folk/Rock songs that vary from mellow and reserved to excited and rock-like that all follow his vocals first, and then his guitar. The opener, "Cassie" is a spirited song in which Dolan is accompanied by drums as he, at times comically, laments over a failed relationship. "Shades of Grey" is a song in which he sings and talks quickly, yet plays his guitar slowly and soulfully, to create a juxtaposed folk song that is quite entertaining for the ears. "Isabel" is a more traditional folk song, with just Dolan and his guitar, as he shows off his deft vocal talents in a song with emotive lyrics. It is probably Dolan's background as humorous poet that is the reason why his brand of Folk/Rock orbits closely around his voice and words more-so than the average musician, yet this is what gives the album is undeniable uniqueness. If you enjoy vivaciously written folk music or would like to hear what an accomplished poet with a guitar might sound like, then listen to "Patiently" by Jason Dolan as you will find this album filled with new and refreshing compilations.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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