Monday, January 11, 2010

"Raise It Up Bring It Down" by Beth Schafer (Acoustic Artist from Florida(FL))

Fittingly, Beth Schafer reaches new heights on her latest CD, "Raise it Up Bring It Down," a spirited and engaging 14-track album that finds the accomplished singer-songwriter continuing to hone her craft with the skill of a confident artist. With contemporary folk and California-esque folk-rock (a la The Eagles, Shawn Colvin) underpinnings, Schafer's honey-toned voice delivers original songs of deep faith and abiding hope that are as tuneful as they are meaningful. CD-opener, "Raise it Up", kicks it off with a mid-tempo rocker featuring meaty lead guitar licks and the kind of hook Melissa Etheridge used to reel off in her sleep. The solemn and beautiful, "Prayer of the Workin' Man," is stripped down to bare essentials, but no less powerful in its message and delivery. "Modim Anachnu Lach" trades off between a Hebrew chorus and English verses in a lively song of spiritual triumph, while "Adama" is like a modern sing-along, reminiscent of - but more rhythmic, than campfire standard, "Wimoweh." With catchy, smart and uplifting compositions, a wonderful voice that never wavers in its commitment to the song, and a band that's as tasteful as it is proficient, Beth Schafer's new CD, "Raise it Up Bring It Down," is a winning combination of artistry and sheer talent.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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