Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Occupantional Hazard" by Gary M Hall / The Occupants (Folk Rock Artist from Colorado(CO))

Gary M Hall / The Occupants latest album goes by the comical name of "Occupantional Hazard." This is an album of songs that range from Folksy/singer-songwriter to quasi-psychedelic rock, always led by Gary M Hall and his honed guitar playing. "Welcome Black" is one of the more dream-like songs, in which Gary sings slowly and with much reverb over guitar picking in an almost early Pink Floyd like number. For "The Hills of Platonia" we encounter a song that features just the guitar, yet it is a beautifully moving and serene song. "I'd Rather Be Round" is more of a frolicking and playful tune that features mostly silly vocals and quick guitar playing, think Bob Dylan meets Raffy. Gary M Hall is an accomplished guitarist who has played almost four decades and has been involved with many musical genres, and it shows within this album. Check out "Occupantional Hazard" if you think you would enjoy an album of guitar-led and amusing, yet quasi-hallucinatory, Folk/Rock.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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