Thursday, October 22, 2009

"These Waters" by Jan Peters & The Monday Night Project (Folk Artist from Washington(WA))

From the very first song, "These Waters" the recently released album by Jan Peters & The Monday Night Project, promises a collection of light, poppy, and Progressive Folk/Bluegrass style album. Peter's vocals are well complimented by some sweet and charming female vocals throughout the album while the lyrics are vibrant and uplifting. Among other tracks, "Shaking Away" has some great use of harmonica during the solo. They break out of any single genre by changing the pace with tracks like "Drumming in the Night" that offers a Blues/Soul like quality and "Primera Visita" with a catchy "cut time" bouncy feel. "These Waters" is a catchy and well-made album and is definitely an album worth hearing.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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