Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Better Late than Never" by Ron Kemp (Rock/Acoustic Artist from Maryland(MD))

"Better Late than Never" is the newest release from the talented Folk/Rock musician Ron Kemp. The songs on this album for the most part just contain Kemp's warm and inviting voice and his sweet acoustic guitar which gives the production a nice clean and crisp clarity. On this album you can hear undertones of Folk, Bluegrass and Country in Kemp's acoustic styling. "Keepsake" is a slower moving love song in which we can hear Kemp's wonderfully talented guitar picking and strumming skills. On the song, "First-Sight Love," Kemp lets his voice get a little Country as he tells us another love story. "Crocabye Way" is a more fun and uplifting song in which Kemp lets his strumming get a little poppy. While the songs employ different sounds, the album throughout is relatively relaxed and calm. All in all, this entire album works if you are a fan of either love songs sung well or of acoustic Folk/Rock in the way of something like a James Taylor approach.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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