Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Never Said Good Bye" by Robert R. Patterson (Folk/Blues Artist from Illinois(IL))

Robert R. Patterson's second CD, "Never Said Good Bye" finds the guitarist / singer-songwriter furthering an exploration of his unique songcraft in ways as original and inventive as they are satisfying. A virtuoso on guitar, Patterson turns his acoustic and electric guitars loose over 12 songs that delve into classical, folk, and blues influences which, nevertheless, blend seamlessly into a whole of potent musicality. Where the song "Five Dollar Mohawk" is a blues-rock workout with slashing slide licks, the hauntingly beautiful "Smile Little One" features acoustic picking as delicate as it is pristine. "Little Spanish Evening," an acoustic solo instrumental, is a veritable wordless lullaby, while the CD opener and titled track, "Never Said Good Bye" is an oddly effective composition that's both exotic and eccentric. Much of the album finds Patterson in elemental mode, his lone guitar and rich voice breathing life into songs of loss and redemption, but on the ballad, "Life," a deep and sonorous cello accompaniment raises the performance to solemnity. As second releases go, Robert R Patterson's "Never Said Good Bye" CD is a fine sophomore album, building on the echoes of his first, while pointing forward with his evolving potential.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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