Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Food To The Hungry" by Gene Strandquist (Country Artist from Alberta, Canada)

Defying easy categorization is Gene Strandquist's ace-in-the-hole on the Canadian singer-songwriter's fine debut CD, "Food To The Hungry." Instead of letting his song craft be defined by adherence to a particular style or genre, Strandquist simply goes for the hook, a strategy that works very well. Indeed, there's a distinct honky tonk feel to 2 songs, the ramblin' CD-opener, "Rangeland Ride," and the hook-laden "I Wasn't Looking" while the closing track, "Distant Sorrow," is an affecting piano ballad of no fixed persuasion. Title song, "Food To The Hungry," with its minor-key resolve, is equally catchy with a Carlos Santana like melody and florid guitar runs while "Standing At My Father's Door" has a wonderful post-Beatles vibe reminiscent of Ringo's early solo hits. If that weren't enough, "Misery" features a positively Dylan-esque like vocal delivery and "Alida" is a very pretty love song. This disc runs full force with seven songs embedded with seven melodic triumphs. File Gene Strandquist's "Food to the Hungry" CD in pop-rock, but know that it's much more than that.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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