Monday, March 30, 2009

"Double Vision" by David Essig and Rick Scott (Folk Artist from British Columbia, Canada)

David Essig and Rick Scott have written a fantastic country/blues album with their release of "Double Vision." Both musicians' individual talents combine for a classic sound and all lovers of that old-time country blues sound is going to want to own this album. The moment the lush harmonies on "Willie P" wash over you, there is no doubt in your mind that this record is going to be amazing. Essig, a well known guitarist, shows off his skills quite nicely on tracks such as "Little Cross to Bear" and "Louisiana Mind." Scott's vocals are also well done on this record and naming just one or two songs as highlights just wouldn't do him justice. His vocal tone screams of J.J. Cale and has a mature, rootsy vibe to it. This album, "Double Vision," is a must have for any lover of old country blues!

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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