Friday, February 27, 2009

"Organic" by B. Keyler (Rock Artist from Norway)

B. Keyler's latest album, titled "Organic," is a wonderful blend of moving adult contemporary ballads and avant-garde rock. Keyler's lush voice gets all kind of action with ranges from lounge jazz (like in "The Sweetest Kiss") to hard rock (such as "Seven Stars"). The ballad "When You're Gone" is a very sentimental piece and also features another classic vocal track from Keyler. For something a little different, check out the opening track titled "Freaky Moments," a song which will have you singing along during and after hearing it. The title track rocks the hardest and, like "Freaky Moments," will have you singing along. B. Keyler's "Organic" is a great listen for anyone who enjoys listening to Liz Phair or adult pop/rock that strays just a bit from the norm.

-Shaun H. and the reviewer team
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