Friday, November 21, 2008

"Not Just Lullabies From Planet Earth" by Juliana McCorison (Folk Artist from Canada)

Similar to the music of Joan Baez, Juliana McCorison's latest, "Not Just Lullabies From Planet Earth," brings a refreshing, sometimes whimsical taste of Folk music. McCorison offers a clean and crisp vocal quality that is sweet and charming. Never outshining the lead vocals, the harmonies are in perfect musical sync. It's a refreshing change of pace to hear not so typical instruments on an album. For example, McCorison has incorporated the use of cello, glockenspiel, dulcimers, and mandolin, offering truly tender, melodic music. Let your mind take you on a relaxing trip to the island of tropical music when you hear "Isle Au Haut," which begins with the soothing sound of ocean waves. "Close Your Eyes" describes in detail how there are nightmares and demons in your mind and in and under your bed. The track's theme is clever how it speaks of children's fears, yet it is still moving to an adult as they can relate to the child within themselves. The use of the cello is striking, but played with such passion. Juliana McCorison has created a remarkable folk compilation, full of innovating yet gentle musical pleasure, with "Not Just Lullabies From Planet Earth."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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