Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“Crows” by James Moore (Folk Artist from New Jersey(NJ))

"Crows" is a great four-track EP that nicely fuses folk with alt-country from New Jersey singer/songwriter James Moore. Drawing from a variety of influences, Moore creatively and skillfully blends slide guitar with great folk guitar work, great guitar and drum rhythms, and sincere lyrics. At his vocal best, Moore sounds like Jim James from My Morning Jacket, but he has such a range that he is also reminiscent of David Gray. His lyrics are honest, personal, and often saddening, well-suiting the arrangements and vocal styling. Though "Crows" was recorded by Moore on a digital four-track, it sounds impeccably clean. The title track, "Crows," has a nice acoustic and drum arrangement, a superb Jim James-esque delivery from Moore, and great lyrics. "One Way To You" is the type of song you might sway to at a concert, holding a lighter high in the air and features a great vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics against a slow acoustic progression. Overall, "Crows" is well done, its four tracks leaving you anticipating what Moore could do with a full length release. Fans of folk, alt-country, and talented singer/songwriters should check out James Moore.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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