Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Turn Me Around" by Siya Jika (Folk Artist from Washington D.C.(DC))

"Turn Me Around" by Siya Jika is a lively Afro-fusion album brought to you by a very talented group. Singer Enid Holden's voice has a tone similar to Joni Mitchell with a little Edie Brickell thrown in. Mix in a well traveled ethnic quality and we get a refreshingly innovative sound. The players accompanying her are diverse and energetic, and the arrangements are complete. You'll hear an American- and Balkan-folk quality to the sound as well as various world influences. Overall, the album has a very "live" sound to it and is easy on the ears. HIghlights include the opener "Sizo Bonan," which presents a very upbeat vibe, and at the same time, relaxes you with its calming vocals. "Floated" is aptly titled. It is a classic lounge tune with a bit of Latin and world influence. Moreover, the vocals are very sultry. "Deserter" features the fine voice of husband-collaborator, Asim, and is an inspiring tune. If you enjoy the tonal quality of Joni Mitchell and the soothing vibe of Afro-jazz, you'll enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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