Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Where We're From" by Remy de Laroque (Acoustic/Rock artist from New York (NY))

Remy de Laroque brings you a world of sounds in his album, "Where We're From." Remy's voice is warm and filled with personality. The harmonies are enriching and subtle. The arrangements are very textural, yet raw at the same time. A unique feature in the vast lineup of sounds is the use of the saxophone, an instrument you don't hear often in the acoustic genre. It works well and certainly adds to this album's unforgettable quality. "Now What" opens the album, quickly introducing listeners to Remy's impressive guitar work and passionate vocals. "Be Like Water" is a skippin'-down-the-way track with some beautiful harmonies, sax and a little whistling. Moreover, "1000 Lives" is a powerful ballad with some great classical elements and lots of vocal range. With production that is not overdone and of top-notch quality, this album is one that deserves to be heard.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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