Friday, April 18, 2008

"Souvenir Mug/Good Luck" by The Constant Tourists (Folk Artist from Oregon(OR))

"Souvenir Mug/Good Luck" by The Constant Tourists CD is a well thought out and presented collection of acoustic tracks. One of the highlights of this CD Is the clever songwriting that interestingly uses classic riddle lyrics on numerous tracks along with melodic choruses. The songwriting is effectively matched to a raw acoustic sound. The vocals, both male and female have good pitch and are energetic and articulate. The trumpet fills throughout give the CD a distinctive sound. There is something for young and old on this CD, and with 16 tracks there's lots of music with the purchase of this CD. "Humpty Dumpty" and " Hay Diddle Diddle" have catchy melodies that together with the familiar lyrics, are fun sing-alongs for listerns of any age. Also, the well-presented instrumentals "Raspberry Jam" adds a nice folk-jazz instrumental track to the mix. "Souvenir Mug/Good Luck" is a solid addition to anyone looking for a family-friendly acoustic CD full of catchy, fun songs.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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