Wednesday, April 30, 2008

“Sit Back And Smile” by Martin Nelson (Folk/Easy Listening artist from United Kingdom)

"Sit Back And Smile" by Martin Nelson is a uniquely impressive folk/acoustic album. Martin's passionate vocals and expressive lyrics make singing along a natural reaction. Moreover, the acoustic guitar work on this CD is nothing short of phenomenal. "A Little After 1'o'clock" demonstrates Martin's transcendental guitar work, bringing the listener to a place of inner peace and reflection. "Lost Emotions" is another unforgettable instrumental track, flaunting an acoustic arrangement that induces a very thick emotional atmosphere. Furthermore, the heart-melting ballad "Not Asking Much" shows off Martin's lyrical sincerity and skill. With production that is radio-ready, this album is destined to make its mark among fans of meaningful, heartfelt acoustic tunes.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team
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