Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Dear Irish Boy" by Myphy's Lagh (Acoustic/Folk artist from British Columbia)

"Dear Irish Boy" by Myphy's Lagh is a true Irish tune fest. The musicianship and production of the CD are both of high quality. The vocals, on the tracks that have vocals, are strong; Those by Damian will make the heart happy and those by Sara can bring a tear to the eye. The CD is filled with excellent violin work, which has a classical influence. Furthermore, the CD is filled with tasteful acoustic guitar work. Both the music and the lyrics are clear and well articulated. The mix of pensive and joyous songs is well suited for this genre and makes the CD even more enjoyable. Distinctive highlights of this CD include "My Dear Irish Boy," which features Sara's beautiful voice and "Irish Rover," with Damian's very fitting vocal style for this classic song. "Cod Liver Oil" is an example of the more humorous side of the CD. "The Raven" features impressively fast-moving violin work and Damian's strong traditional vocal style. If you enjoy the beauty of traditional Irish music, you will enjoy this CD.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team
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